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If you are seeing problems with your lawn, Greenscape of Clinton, CT can provide the solutions. We have been caring for lawns in this area of Connecticut since 1987 and we have evaluated a wide variety of site issues. We have the expertise and experience to identify the problems and develop a sound plan to resolve them.


Common Lawn Problems and Solutions:


Dead patches 

Brown or weak areas of your turf could be due to a bewildering variety of causes including: drought, insects, fungus, mechanical injury, salt burn or pet damage. The best solution for repairing dead patches is to over seed the area in the fall with an appropriate seed, after identifying and correcting the underlying problem.


Thin and weak turf

Thin and weak turf results from unsuitable site conditions such as: too much shade, soil acidity, inadequate nitrogen or micro nutrients in the soil or site problems such as underlying rock ledge. Shade should be reduced, for example by thinning out trees. Lime should be added as directed by soil sampling. The implementation of a fertilization program can also help remedy this common lawn problem.



Moles are one of the most difficult lawn care issues to resolve. Grubs in the sub-soil can attract moles looking for a tasty meal, and their tunnels cause lawns to get bumpy, uneven, and develop bare spots. Grubs can be controlled, but we now know that earthworms are also a large part of a mole's diet, which means trapping may have to be considered to protect your lawn. Tunnels should be stamped down wherever possible.



Crabgrass seeds are abundant everywhere and germinate quickly when conditions allow. Crabgrass and weeds flourish in thin turf, where soil is exposed to sun. The key to the control of this nasty weed is the application of pre-emergent prevention at the correct time, ideally in early spring. This allows the growth of thick, healthy grass to shade out seed germination. However, controls can be applied at other times and we now have the ability to apply targeted, post-emergent crabgrass and weed treatments all season long.



Grass damage results from many different types of grubs, chinch bugs, sod web worms and other insects feeding on turf roots, stems and crowns. Identification of the culprit is essential to controlling damage. Choosing the right kind of chemical or other cultural control can effectively reduce the population of feeding insects. Timing is crucial, however it is good to remember that healthy and thick turf, that is well maintained and fertilized, can withstand and recover from low levels of insect damage.



A thin layer of thatch is a normal occurrence in lawns and actually helps prevent moisture from evaporating too quickly from the soil. Thatch also provides a protective cover for the root system, a soft cushion for activity on a lawn and a home for beneficial microbes.



There are nearly 200 types of problem turf weeds that can plague your yard, from dandelions to hen bit. If grass is poorly maintained, weeds can make a lawn very unsightly. Effective weed control includes a variety of strategies including: pre-emergent applications, lime to adjust pH, keeping your turf thick with a good fertilization schedule and mowing the lawn regularly and at the correct height.

You can rely on Greenscape of Clinton, LLC, to improve the appearance and overall health of your residential, commercial or athletic field space. We provide an array of lawn care programs to match any of your needs.

How can we help you?

Understanding the problems with your lawn is the first step to providing effective solutions.

Greenscape of Clinton, LLC, has been serving Clinton and the surrounding towns  of the Connecticut Shoreline, for over 30 years.

Weeds, Dead Patches, & Pests

Fully Insured & State Licensed Connecticut Pesticide Business Reg # B-1203

Serving the CT Shoreline Including these towns:  

Chester • Clinton • Essex

Deep River • Guilford • Ivoryton  Killingworth • Madison • Old Lyme  Old Saybrook • Westbrook


Lawn Care Services Offered:

* Lawn Fertilizing

* Crabgrass Control

* Weed Prevention

* Insect & Grub Treatments

* Liming & Soil Testing

* Overseeding

* Organic Lawn Care Options

* Tick Spraying


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