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Lawn Care Tips: Mowing/Watering

Greenscape has been caring for lawns since 1987, and we have a number of lawn care maintenance tips.  Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate or call us at (860) 669-1880 for lawn care advice. We love to talk lawns.



•   When mowing your lawn, your grass should be cut with the blades adjusted high – we

     suggest three inches.

•   Tall grass shades out weeds and better tolerates stress from disease or lack of water.

•   Mower blades should be sharpened regularly.

•   Lawns benefit from frequent, regular mowing, removing no more than 1/3 of the grass

    height at one time.

•   Mow at least weekly, unless growth slows due to dry conditions.

•   Never mow when grass is brittle from heat and drought stress.



•  Turf requires a minimum of one inch of water per week

•  Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to water.

•  Avoid watering mid-day or on hot, windy days, when the chance of evaporation is high.

•  Lawns need to be watered deeply so that the water penetrates to the root system.


General Information

•  Your lawn needs plenty of sun, at least five to six hours a day, and will have shallow

   roots when grown in the shade.

•  Tree roots also weaken turf, since they rob the soil of water and nutrients.

•  Soil in Connecticut tends to be acidic, so soil testing to determine pH is strongly

   recommended. Lawns will generally benefit from lime.

Read more about our lawn care programs to find the best fit for your needs and budget. We offer fertilizing, pest and weed control, liming and soil testing and more.

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